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Director's statement

With the ongoing refugee crisis displacing millions of people and separating families, I wanted to tell the story of a young girl who is unable to make her regular day as she is stuck in harsh circumstances.

A big fan of portraying drama in the most undramatic way, Ghazaal is a film about how a simple necessity turns into a luxury for a young refugee who has no access to any resources. 

Coming from India, I knew a number of Afghan refugees settled in New Delhi who were some of the most hospitable and optimistic people I have ever met. The film is a tribute to those people who were made to flee their country, their home due to the never-ending war.

For research purposes, I visited and volunteered at a few refugee camps in Levos, Greece and interviewed women who told me that there weren't any feminine hygiene products available at the camps and the store products weren't affordable. Thus, they wrapped socks and old rags in their underwears during their period. I realized that something I took for granted was an absolute luxury for them.

'Ghazaal' is a film that talks about the absence of basic human necessities that are considered a privilege by women who're victims of war.